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Responding to 1975 cummins former chairman Irwin miller, cummins and China's cooperation In 1979 China adopts cummins first founded in Beijing office In 1981, cummins and responding to the license agreement signed sinotruk group, cummins diesel engines Dongfeng automobile company adopts 1986 start production license diesel engine plant in cummins engine power series B Joint venture company adopts 1994 - Shanghai fleetguard filter Co., LTD was established, the production of filter Responding to 1995 - chongqing cummins engine joint venture company established Co., LTD, cummins M/N/K series diesel engine and generator Responding to 1996 - dongfeng cummins engine joint venture company, production Co., LTD. Was founded in C series cummins engine power Joint venture company - wuxi new era alternator Co., LTD. Was founded, production Stamford alternator Joint venture company - wuxi hall Seth engineering Co., LTD. Was set up, the production hall Seth turbocharger wholly owned company - cummins engine (Beijing) Co., LTD was established, the production process of cummins generator Responding to 1997 cummins engine (China) investment Co., LTD. Was established in Beijing, the overall management cummins invested in China and business development, also cummins east Asia's headquarters. Responding to wholly owned company in 1999 - cummins (xiangfan) machine Co., LTD. Was set up Responding to 2001 to Europe and China market, cummins synchronous launch three European standards for the discharge of the electric car engine to Europe and China market, cummins synchronous launch with euramerican off-highway use mobile equipment second phase of engineering machinery engine environmental standards In 2003, cummins and responding to expand cooperation, dongfeng motor Co., LTD, expand dongfeng cummins engine joint venture. An enlarged dongfeng cummins engine will become China's largest forgings.front-axle technology, advanced production base Responding to mainland China in 2004 European three cummins diesel engine's biggest supplier cummins engine in China's market quantities of machine adopts 2005 850,000 from Europe and China market, cummins synchronous launch with European standards for the discharge of 4 vehicle engine and euramerican the third stage highway environmental protection standard equipment of mechanical engineering engine Cummins and dongfeng company adopts established cooperative r&d center of engine in wuhan economic and technology development zone held a formal Responding to cummins and China's shaanxi automobile group company LTD was established in xian cummins joint venture to produce heavy card engine flagship ISM 11-liter diesel engine, fleetguard company (cummina subsidiary in dongfeng company) established in hubei xiangfan joint venture to produce the exhaust system Cummins and dongfeng company adopts began with 13 litres, cummins engine adopts heavy card board first held in China world, announced new investment $300 million Cummins invested a huge sum of money in wuhan adopts the nation's largest airline diesel generator
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